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What is Carroll raising $25,000 for this year?

Great question! We are raising $25,000 to fund the following education programs and resources:
* Dino George Program–turns our school gym/cafe into a live museum!!!! Wow!!
* Digital Graphics and Animation package–with new technology at their fingertips, our Carroll students will immerse into the world of digital art creating graphic designs and animation during Art class!!
* Time Magazine subscriptions–our students will review articles to help develop their social studies skills from current events.
* Recess Buckets–help our students keep organize and collected when transitioning to/from recess!
* Extra Turf!!! Our students enjoy the turf during recess, they would like more!! More space for football, gymnastics, soccer, and Fun in the Sun!!
Help us reach our goal of $25,000! Donate today!

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Kinder  $3,233.92
1st    $3,786.75
2nd    $4,142.95
3rd    $3,150.26
4th    $3,140.30
5th    $3,062.50



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