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May 4th kicks off our Carroll Teacher Appreciation Week! We are going to make this the best virtual appreciation week to show our teachers and staff how much we love them! Stay tuned for more details including our Reverse Teacher Parade on May 8th!

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Dear Carroll Families,
I hope this email finds you well.  On behalf of the PTA Board, I wanted you to know that we have been thinking about all of you and praying that everyone stays healthy. We can let you know what decisions have been made and others that will require a follow-up email once we have a better timeline.  So here we go…
The following PTA events have been cancelled:
-Book Fair
-Healthy Lifestyles
-March 31st PTA Board Meeting and Association Meeting
-Scotty P’s Spirit Night
-FC Dallas Spirit Night
-TAW (may be rescheduled for early May)
-Family Fun Night (may be rescheduled for late May)
Depending on when we go back (hopefully mid April) we will move forward with the following:
PTA Meetings – Regardless if we go back in a couple weeks or not…we WILL have our Board meeting (‪5:30pm‬) and Association/Election Meeting (‪6:45pm‬) ‪on April 28th‬ (at Carroll or via Zoom).
Teacher Appreciation Week – we need to rock this out after everything Carroll has done with the eLearning rollout (possibly early May since we don’t have STAAR testing anymore)
Family Fun Night – we are trying to find out if we will still have ‪May 22nd‬ off for the Bad Weather Make-up Day (Mr. Waldrip is trying to find out for us). If we do have school that day then we will have FFN ‪on May 22nd.‬ If we don’t have school on the 22nd then we might not do Field Day ‪on May 21st‬ and have FFN ‪on May 21st‬ instead
EOY School Party – I met with Michele Mattingly (our PTA Grade Level Chair) and Courtney York (our 2nd Grade Lead Room Mom) during our Spring Break and hashed out the details. Michele will be sending out the specifics later to all of the room parents, but basically we are going to combine the remaining party funds from all grade levels and have a big Hawaiian themed party ‪on May 27th.‬ Each grade level will have their EOY party time during their AMP period.
We can do this! I know these are stressful times for everyone (administration, teachers, parents, and students) involved. We know we have the best and most supportive parents here at Carroll and we will get through these tough times and shine🌞
Thank you for all you do and I wish you and your families health and happiness.
Gwen Owen
Carroll PTA President

2019-2020 MEMBERS

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Hello Carroll Families!

On behalf of the Carroll PTA Board, I would like to welcome all of you to the 2019-2020 school year at Carroll Elementary.

I am so excited and honored to be your PTA President.  I am very lucky because we have such a great group of men and women on our PTA Board.  With their love and support of our school, I know we are going to have a fantastic year!

Carroll PTA advocates for ALL children in our community.  We also provide programs on campus to enhance education, provide educational resources, and host on-campus events to promote family engagement.  We can’t do it, though, without your support 🙂

We are striving for our 6th year of 100% membership.  This is so important, not only for our school, but also at the State level when it comes to fighting for better school funding and our “safer school” initiative.  With your contribution, your child’s voice is heard.  Texas PTA’s motto “Back the Future” is spot on with what we are trying to accomplish here at Carroll.

Join your PTA here today to help make a positive impact on your child’s educational future!

Thank you in advance,
Gwen Owen
Carroll PTA President


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  • May 4th – Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 8th – Reverse Teacher Parade


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Interested in becoming a Carroll PTA Sponsor?

Contact Juhree Uhl, 2nd VP of Ways and Means at waysmeans@carrollpta.com.